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Hungary’s Golden Visa Program to Commence in 2024

Hungary’s Golden Visa Program to Commence in 2024
Golden Visa

Hungary Golden Visa is a recently introduced program. It provides residency permits by investing on non-EU and non-EEA citizens. Sometime in 2024, this program is expected to kick-start. 

In Hungary, what are the pre-requisites for getting a Golden Visa?

As per the official website of Hungarian Parliament, investors will get three options:

  • In local property funds, capitalizing a minimum of €250,000, approved by the Hungarian National Bank
  • Acquisition of real estate valued at €500,000, with a pledge to preserve an ownership for a minimum of 5 years;
  • To public trusts, making a benevolent contribution of at least €1 million, helping Hungarian colleges and universities.

What are the early measures for international investors to acquire a residence permit in Hungary?

First, global investors should obtain a two-year Guest Investor visa. This would allow multiple entries into Hungary. Also, within 180 days, this visa will allow a stay of up to 90 days. The selected investment, from the initial entry, should be fulfilled within three months. 

How long is the validity of Hungarian Golden Visa, and can family members connect with the investor in Hungary?

At first, the residence permit is valid for 10 years only, with the possibility of an extension for an additional 10 years. Investors can bring their family members as well. 

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