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California Science Center Reaches Milestone with Final Stacking of ET-94 for Endeavour

On Saturday, January 13, the California Science Center achieved a significant milestone in its mission to display the space shuttle Endeavour in a ready-to-launch configuration. This accomplishment involved the successful mating of the massive External Tank, ET-94, to the Solid Rocket Boosters, marking a crucial step in the process. The intricate operation took place over […]

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S Hotel in Jamaica Named #1 All-Inclusive Resort in 2024 10Best Awards

Jamaica achieved a significant international milestone today as the S Hotel in Montego Bay clinched the prestigious title of the Best All-Inclusive Caribbean Resort in the 2024 USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards. In the realm of esteemed accolades, USA Today, a globally recognized newspaper in the United States, is renowned for its prestigious Readers’ […]

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The Revolutionary Impact of AI on the Hospitality Industry

Due to the passing days, evolution remains contingent on AI. Augmenting newer trends leads to a better future amidst unhurried operations. The hospitality industry is no different. It believes that Artificial Intelligence will partner with hospitality in a revolutionary future.  In hospitality, a comprehensive visitor experience is the primary thing, and overseeing the offering entails […]

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The 2024 ITIJ Global Travel Forecast Promises Exciting Adventures

The global travel industry has bravely faced the severe consequences of the pandemic and continues to exhibit remarkable resilience in the post-Covid-19 era. Nearly four years have passed since the pandemic was declared in March 2020, accompanied by travel bans, restrictions, and a subsequent decrease in consumer interest in travel. The journey towards recovery persisted […]

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IATA Reports Increase in Global Air Travel Passengers

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has recently reported a significant uptick in global air travel. Passenger numbers surging to an impressive 99% of pre-COVID levels. The resurgence in global air travel comes as a welcome development for an industry. It experienced unprecedented setbacks during the height of the pandemic. There was widespread distribution of […]

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Northern, UK appoints Network Rail Executive as Chief Operating Officer

Matt Rice will take over as Northern’s chief operating officer (COO). Rice, a route director who works for Network Rail now, is anticipated to start his new position at Northern in the spring. It is anticipated that Rice, a route director presently working for Network Rail, will start his new position at Northern in the […]

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Turkka Kuusisto appointed as CEO of Finnair

Finnair has appointed Turkka Kuusisto (44, MSc. Tech) as CEO of Finnair and he will start in this role on 11 July 2024 at the latest. Kuusisto joins Finnair from Posti Group Corporation, where he has served as the CEO since 2020. Prior to his role as the CEO at Posti Group Corporation, Kuusisto served […]

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Norway shines as a top cruise destination in all seasons

Cruise holidays are even more popular this year. But, the one particular destination which Brits are booking and it’s brilliant year-round is Norway. Another vital reason is Norway’s stunning landscape and the Northern Lights. The world’s most popular cruise destination is one you could visit multiple times in one year. Every time yopu will have […]

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Experience the Excitement of Helldorado Days in Tombstone, Arizona: A Journey Back in Time

Travel your way A Wild Ride Back in Time: Helldorado Days in Tombstone, Arizona Tombstone, Arizona, a small town in the heart of the desert, is a place where the Wild West still thrives. With a history steeped in gunslingers, lawmen, and silver mines, this iconic destination beckons adventurers and history buffs alike. For those […]

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Exploring the Stunning Beauty of Fall in Denver: My Favorite Color is October

Travel your way My Favorite Color is October: Exploring the Breathtaking Beauty of Fall in Denver Isn’t fall this year just incredible? As the leaves transition from their summer greens to the rich hues of red, orange, and yellow, there’s a magic in the air that’s hard to ignore. Recently, I embarked on an autumn […]

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